If you’re going to throw a Halloween party this year, it’s important to get these three items checked off your list!

  1. Theme – Halloween is not a theme by itself! If you want a really great Halloween party, be more specific with the theme. Some of our suggestions: “Scariest Movies from Childhood” where you dress up as characters from scary movies you haven’t been brave enough to watch since you were a kid. “Nightmares and Dreams,” so you can decorate with pillows and the night sky while your guests dress up as their worst fears or most cherished dreams. Or lastly, “Heroes and Villains” which can be from comic books, folk-stories, movies, politics, etc.
  2. Masks and Costumes – A great Halloween party needs to be a costume party! Dressing up for Halloween is dual purpose this year, since everyone should be wearing a protective face mask or covering anyways to shield against the pandemic.
  3. Treats – No tricks here! Getting to treat yourself on Halloween is half the fun. Whether it’s candy for the kids, or a boozy beverage for the adults, everyone should get a treat.

Even though parties are different now, you can still throw a Memorable Occasion with our help! Contact us today.