Many weddings that were meant to happen in the spring or summer, also known as prime wedding season, have been postponed to this fall. They may be postponed yet again, but the benefits of having your wedding in the fall rather than the traditional wedding season are good to consider for couples still in the early planning stages of their wedding journey.

Cooler Weather – Summer and spring weddings are more likely to have sunshine and less inclement weather, but sunshine can actually mean that a wedding can be way too hot. Outdoor ceremonies can turn into steam saunas with all the people gathered in one spot and the sun beating down relentlessly. Fall weddings do not have that problem, as the air is cooler, but you are still likely to get sun.

Picturesque Trees – In areas of the world where the leaves turn bright colors during autumn, fall weddings can be as lovely as a storybook and can make your wedding stand out. All the yellows, reds, and oranges give a warm and inviting feel to your event and to the pictures you will take that last forever.

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