Whether your event is big or small, there is always one element that cannot be forgotten: food.

From children’s birthday parties and romantic anniversary dinners to Super Bowl Sunday and Thanksgiving dinner, food is a defining event at any party. So, how do you choose the right menu for the right occasion?

First, you have to know your guests. If you’re inviting mostly children and parents, you’ll need food that can satisfy picky eaters as well as impress their health-conscious parents. Also, you might want to skip the saucy and messy foods. Spaghetti at a kid’s party is spaghetti on the floor.

Second, you have to know your budget. If you are throwing a wedding but don’t want to spend more money on food than you have to, opt for a buffet service. The food quality is usually just as good, and you won’t have to pay extra for servers. Plus, your guests will be able to eat to their hearts content without feeling embarrassed and that they shouldn’t ask for seconds.

Choose a meal for your event with care and choose an event planner like the Memorable Occasions team, who cares about every part of your event, including the meal.