Some couples decide that they do not want to use flowers in their wedding. Whether it is because of allergies, budget, or aesthetics, there are lots of centerpiece options that will work for your wedding that do not rely on fresh flowers.

Books – Even if you don’t read much, books can be beautiful or nostalgic ways to decorate your wedding. A small stack of books with a candle in a mason jar on top will feel homey and intimate, and you can add an element of personality by choosing books that hold personal meaning to you.

Fruit – Summer weddings can be a good time for fresh fruit to take the place of flowers in your centerpieces. A small wooden box filled with mandarin oranges and green leaves will look just as refreshing and natural as flowers, without being too expensive or feminine.

Candles – Candles are quite romantic and can double as both decoration and lighting. By varying the heights of several candles grouped together, you can use them as centerpieces with just a few accents of colorful and shiny stones or metallic elements to reflect the shine.
Fresh flowers can be expensive and floral arrangements may not suit every couple’s taste, but there are many creative alternatives you can use instead. For memorable weddings that fit your budget, contact us at Memorable Occasions to help plan your special day.