Although everyone has planned an event before, not everyone is actually suited to the task. There are two ideal personality traits that all event planners should have: structure and flexibility. These sound like opposites, but they are both important for any event planner, professional or not, to have when it comes to event planning.

A structured approach to planning the event, with checklists and schedules and spreadsheets galore, will help you tackle individual tasks one at a time and prioritize them by importance. Being organized will keep your mind from flying off the handle when you are busy preparing for the event.

Flexibility is necessary for when things go wrong. It is inevitable that at least one thing will go awry during any event. With a flexible mindset, each setback will be minor, and the event will still run smoothly. Couldn’t find purple tulips for the centerpieces? Alright, what other purple flowers do you have? Forgot to get non-alcoholic drinks for the kiddos? A quick run to the grocery for some sodas and you’ve got satisfied children in no time.

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