Event planning is no easy feat – and that’s why most people will need a little help if they want to plan a great event or throw a fantastic party. We’re one of the leading events companies in Orange County, CA and we can help you throw your do from start to finish.

Here’s more information about why you should get in touch with us – and just what we do.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

We cater to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs across Orange County, CA whether you’re planning a traditional mitzvah or one with more flair.


Everyone wants a quinceanera they can remember forever. We can help you to make sure it’s an unforgettable experience – without it being difficult or expensive to pull off.


We can help throw one of the best coming of age or milestone birthday parties you’ve ever seen, whether you’d like to organize a surprise party, a large event or a smaller get-together instead.


Milestone anniversaries are meant to be special, and we can help to make yours an unforgettable and romantic one no matter how much time you’re celebrating together.

Free Consultation

Need help knowing which direction you’re planning your party in? Your first consultation with us is free, and we’ll help you to find the right angle, theme and other elements to ensure your party or event is perfect.