Event planning is all about details! You must leave no stone unturned! Don’t let these preventable mistakes happen to you.

Not Allowing Enough Setup Time
You should always have an estimate as to how long it will take to get everything in place. It does not instill confidence in guests that this is a well-organized event if there is a room full of workers running around still setting up as they are arriving. Be ready at least 15 minutes before doors open.

Forgetting to Confirm Your Vendors
Keep in mind your average event vendor serves many clients, so they have a lot to remember. It’s a good idea to get a verbal or email confirmation 48 hours before setup time. Email is best because you can spell out your expectations and get a reply in writing.

Overlooking Competing Events
Discuss who will be sharing common areas with venue management and find out who will be able to resolve any issues that come up.

Not Having a Contingency Plan
You must always have a Plan “B” in the event of inclement weather or venue closure, etc. Come up with a contingency plan at least 2 weeks ahead of the event. Even if you cancel the event, you will still need an efficient, organized way to contact guests.

Not Having Enough Help on Event Day
While it’s true you must be concerned about budget, not having enough help on event day can cause bigger problems than going over budget. Don’t be afraid to spend maybe $200 to hire extra help to handle things you won’t be able to.

Not Using a Packing List
Managing an event usually requires a plethora of supplies. A packing list will provide a reminder of the things you need to load into the car. This will make sure everything makes it to the venue.

These mistakes are preventable and prevention is much easier than recovery!