Events are special, but none are more important in the life of a Jew than the bar mitzvah. If you aren’t familiar with this celebration then we’ll give you the basic rundown on it. First of all, bar mitzvahs are celebrated when a Jewish boy reaches the age of 13 years old. This is seen as a coming of age ceremony and the boy is seen as an adult after the event is completed — based on the rules of the Torah. All the responsibilities and rules that apply to adults will also apply to these teenagers after they go through the bar mitzvah.

They will also have to participate in synagogue services just as any other Jewish adult would. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t affect their legal status and they still can’t purchase liquor nor tobacco. In addition to their other responsibilities, teenage Jews who have gone through their bar mitzvah will be expected to wear a tefillin hat every day. This is one of the most crucial dates in the life of a young Jew so getting the right event planners is essential to its success — so don’t skimp out!